Sunday, June 23, 2013


Okay! So here I am, finally a moment to sit down and start this blog thing! After teaching third grade for a couple of years now, I’m headed to….  Kindergarten!




You what?!

Yes, folks… I am going to Kindergarten! I love change and obviously love a challenge – so why not? I must be honest and say how thrilled I am to have this opportunity!

I’m new to the blogging action, but certainly not new to reading these precious gems! They’ve been the heart of my teaching existence since the beginning. I search for inspiration, read about folks having some of the same experiences, it's such a nice way to collaborate with folks outside of the classroom. I’m hoping to find the time between being a mom, wife, graduate student and teacher to keep up with this! Personally, I hate when I really get into a blog and the blogger takes a vacation or just up and abandons ship!

My theme this year is “Salter’s Super Smarties” and will be little super heroes! I am so excited to start creating my first kinder classroom and share ideas of my own (and those I come across as I’m blog-hopping).

Thanks for joining me on this journey – Hang on, it could be a bumpy one! ;)

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